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Protecting The Homes & Estates of High Net Worth Individuals

Any home or family can be targeted by burglars; yet for high net worth homes of celebrities and those in the limelight, these homes become a high value target for burglary.  Watching out for opportunistic individuals is one thing, but having an awareness of the type of criminal gangs who will plan operations to target your home when you are away, is a harsh reality that many celebrities have fallen victim to in recent years.

Due to the, quite often easily accessible knowledge of assets and valuables owned by HNWI (High net worth individuals), they are always a target for burglary and organised crime. Unfortunately, this knowledge is often supplied directly by the homeowner via social media and other such public platforms for all to see.  Details of valuables and assets are proudly shown, but more worryingly, details of when the home is likely to be empty for holidays or work engagements are not that tricky to find either.

Multi Layered Security Solutions

For our HNWI clients, we provide layered security solutions. Using a variety of different security systems and resources, a multi-layered approach to home security can act as protection from and deterrent of home intruders. This approach can help prevent crime from being committed by alerting relevant parties with monitored security services, scaring away the threat with perimeter and intruder alarms, whilst gathering evidence with carefully positioned CCTV security cameras, which can be used later to pursue convictions or restraining orders as necessary.

Our HNW clients include:

  • Celebrities,
  • Board-level directors and C suite business professionals,
  • Investment Bankers,
  • Lottery winners,
  • Politicians,
  • Sportspeople,
  • Collectors
  • Property investors
  • High profile musicians

Working in Kent, London and the Home Counties we protect all types of homes including:

We are proud to offer the highest level of security systems and services for our clients, backed by over 25 years’ experience and expertise. Due to the sensitive nature of what we do for our clients, quite often we are unable to share many of our successes. However, we are lucky to have some generous clients that have granted permission to share their experiences of working with Brook Security right here for you to see for yourself.

If you would like to discuss security for your home or your client’s home, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.  We discretely advise, install and manage the very best in home security solutions, unique to each and every high-net-worth home we secure, providing the peace of mind for our clients and their loved ones.