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Protecting Your Large Executive Property with a Layered Security System

You’d be forgiven for thinking a large executive property is like an average property in terms of security system requirements, only bigger and with more devices?

But it’s not as simple as that – and for good reasons. Overall, there are different dynamics in what needs to be protected and how it is protected when it comes to security systems for larger properties.

Home security is important for everyone, but there’s no doubt there is an extra degree of jeopardy for larger or executive residences. For the most part, standard security systems are not going to offer the right levels of protection.

Why Layered Security is Essential for Large Executive Properties

Layered security is an especially robust way to protect your large or executive property or estate.

Multiple layers of security provide a failsafe and continued protection, ensuring there is always another line of defence if one line of security is breached.

Smaller properties often have fewer layers due to lower risk or smaller budgets, but for large homes or estates, multiple layers are usually necessary.

This may include:

Working as an outer layer of your electronic home security system, an external detection system together with CCTV Systems and Surveillance is likely going to play an important part of your security setup. If you have a large executive property, this will allow you to see what is going on around the grounds and your estate.

Perimeter detection with windows and doors fitted with detection devices will be another layer of security for your property.  This can be backed up with internal movement detection sensors in main rooms and circulation areas. You may also want to consider a personal attack (hold up) alarm system too.

Layered Protection for Prevention as Well as Detection

The more you must protect, the more layers of security your property will require.

Plus, an added benefit of layered, high-level protection is, it acts as a deterrent. If your property is well protected by a layered security system, thieves are likely to be put off by the challenge and leave.

Brook Security has been providing bespoke and specialist security systems and services for residential and commercial properties for over 25 years.  Our expert team can sit and discuss with you, your exact requirements and determine what layers of security you will need and how best to integrate them with one another.

Our ultimate goal is your safety – ensuring the maximum protection for your property and everything in it.

If you are looking for a specialist security company to offer top notch, bespoke security services for your large estate and grounds with total discretion and professionalism, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Brook Security today.