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Specialist Home Security Systems & Services Across Kent, London, Essex, Sussex and Surrey

We have gained decades of experience working with all types of security systems so that we have the proficiency and skills to be able to work on any type of home security requirement.

Each security system project is unique, so you need a Specialist Security Company that can bring familiarity and comprehension to understand every aspect of your current system and what you and your property need going forward.

Founded in 1994, Brook Security has been working in several sectors for over 25 years. This has allowed us to gain invaluable experience in all areas of home security – what to use, how to use it and how it will meet your exacting requirements.

We also work with many high profile and celebrity clients on securing their homes and properties too. With an exceptional track-record of creating bespoke security systems to fit and serve unique lifestyles, we always relish the chance to work on new exclusive projects.

Domestic Security Services We Specialise In –

  • Large Executive Properties
    There’s increased risk for larger or executive residences. Standard home security systems may not offer the right levels of protection, so it’s important to find a setup that’s uniquely right for your property…
  • Private Estates and Grounds
    The priority for your security needs to be building a robust layered approach. But there are additional factors for private estate owners with vast grounds…
  • Remote and Rural Properties
    Early warning detection and deterrent systems are paramount for securing remote or rural properties. You can’t be expected to always have eyes and ears on every part of your home…
  • Private Home Offices / Studios
    Burglaries are sometimes carried out by opportunists, and when you are working in your home office or studio, you are focused on your work…  Plus you will also need to secure your office and its contents too …

Click on one of the options above for more information or get in touch today to find out how Brook Security can take care of all your home security needs whateve they may be.