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Taking Care of Protecting Remote and Rural Properties

Many of the security requirements necessary for large executive properties and private estates apply to remote and rural properties as well.

One factor; creating early warning detection and deterrent systems is even more important with remote and rural properties because any police response will usually take longer to arrive.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Property and Stay Safe

You may be more isolated at a remote or rural property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself and your home. Here’s some considerations that can prove the difference between a peaceful life and intrusion on your property:

  • You can’t always be expected to have eyes and ears on every part of your property. If it was potentially going to come under attack from a intruder or thief, a form of Neighbourhood Watch could act as both deterrent and protection. Speak to your nearest neighbours and ensure you’re looking out for one another.
  • If the Police are going to take a while to arrive because of your remote location, is there someone you can ask to respond to help if needed more quickly?
  • Private professional guarding/keyholding services may be available, and they may be able to respond quicker than the police if they have more officers and are based closer.

Simple Security Measures That Can Make a Big Difference

Battery-powered intruder detection devices are an effective means of protecting your property. Many feature security cameras and the technology to send images to your smartphone. This is a great option if you want to view any activity outside without having to open the door.

If you have any outbuildings, sheds or other areas that contain items of value, fitting sensor lights can act as a good prevention and deterrent measure. Also, simple and easy efforts can make a big difference, such as locking doors on outbuildings and large barns and making sure there’s no other easy ways in.

Keeping You and Your Family Safe at All Costs

If the worst should happen and an intruder finds a way into your remote or rural property while you’re home, you will want to make sure you can at least protect yourself and your loved ones until professional help arrives.

A safe room is a good option in this scenario – somewhere you and your family can retreat to that no intruder can break into or breach.

If you’re considering increasing security for your remote or rural property, Brook Security can help. We are security specialists with decades of experience in recommending and installing the right type of security systems for all kinds of properties and buildings throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas.

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