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Specialist Security Services for Churches and Listed Buildings

Security systems for churches or listed buildings usually need special bespoke considerations due to the nature of the historical architecture and build.

The main challenge when it comes to churches and listed buildings is defining what will be the best, most effective type of installation and where the equipment can be installed? For instance, will a wireless security system be possible, or will a wired security setup be more suitable?

Understanding the Objective of Security Systems for Churches and Listed Buildings

Like any other security installation, the starting point is, what is the overall objective?

At Brook Security, we take the time to attain an in-depth understanding of what is required. This enables us to consider and select from a wide range of security systems and equipment from a proven portfolio.

As we have 25+ years’ experience working on churches and listed buildings, we have the scope and expertise to make sure the most effective and suitable installation is achieved.

Wireless or Wired Security Systems for Churches and Listed Buildings?

Solutions will vary and although wireless security systems are sometimes an option for these types of buildings, we tend to prefer wired solutions when it comes to intruder alarm detection – if this type of setup is going to be more beneficial.

Our preference is also to use wired CCTV systems because the quality of wireless CCTV varies and in such buildings with thick stone walls, the video signal will often fail to penetrate and capture the required video information.

If you’re considering security systems or services for a church or listed building, get in touch today and Brook Security can assist every step of the way.