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Defining What Alarm System is Best for Your Business

Wired vs Wireless

As business and commercial premises vary in size and construction, the choice of security system required will also vary.

For instance, whether you opt for a wired or wireless alarm system can depend on your internal fit out, such as racking and content. If you have industrial units – fabrication plants with large machinery and metal finished goods, then this will determine what level type of installation you require.

Essentially, the choice of wired or wireless technology is based on two factors:

  1. What is the grade of intruder alarm system required?
  2. Will radio signals be able to travel through the premises?

Alarm system Gradings

  • Grade 2 systems (low-to-medium-risk of burglary) can be wired or wireless alarm systems, so it is just the signal strength to consider.
  • Grade 3 systems (medium-to-high-risk of burglary) will always be wired alarms due to the performance specification.

Key Differences Between Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems for your Business

There is marginal cost difference between wired and wireless alarm systems. The equipment for wired devices is normally less than wireless but it requires cabling and the installation of the wired alarm system is usually longer. Wireless devices, although more expensive, take hardly any time to install in comparison.

Regarding the maintenance of your alarm system; one of the main points to consider is that wireless alarm systems and devices will require battery changes periodically (usually annually or every other year). Whereas wired alarms derive power from a control panel.

Brook Security has extensive experience with both wired and wireless alarm systems. We have worked with many large businesses and corporations, advising and installing the best bespoke best alarm system for each unique project.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with us today.