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by Lucy Hall

Celebrities, Sports personalities, lottery winners and chief executives of FTSE 250 enterprises all have one thing in common.  They are often Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

Personal branding dictates that being an Ultra High Net worth individuals are visible online via social media 24/7, alongside drones and google earth scoping out security entry points has never been easier for criminals.

What can ultra-high net worth individuals do to protect their homes?

1. Assess the Risk

Make sure all the high-risk areas of your home are secure by carrying out a risk assessment.  To do this you will need to work with a security expert, such as Brook Security, where we will help point out the risks. Your security assessment will need to be done with an NSI-approved company.

Once we have assessed the risks, we can begin to build a tailored security solution that will cover the following:

2. Perimeter Security

Protecting the perimeter of your property around gates and external fences is not just an important deterrent as a 1st layer of security, it also acts as a control mechanism for access to the property.

Control can be managed internally by the residents or externally while out of the family home.

3. Closed Site

Once inside the perimeter we call this area closed site, here we can use the latest CCTV systems and equipment with a host of clever systems from Infra-Red to Thermal imaging to trigger the intruder alarm, the AI systems are able to distinguish between animals and humans to limit the number of false alarms.

We will also look at the weak spots of your property where criminals may target as an access point.

Did you know, many of the high-tech security solutions, can be undone if the power goes out! Which is why at Brook we ensure that our bespoke security solutions still work if the power goes out! This is one of the reasons why a layered security system is best, and why you need to work with organisations that understand the risks!

4. Internal Security

Using internal security cameras within the home and outbuildings are not just a deterrent they are able to catch vital evidence that will enable you to assist in asset recovery and prosecution if someone does make it to the final layer of security.

We offer bespoke security systems specifically designed for High-net-worth individuals.  You may be looking for asset security, protection of the home or in some cases ensuring that you can capture evidence of stalkers! Whatever the need, our team of experts will run you through the best security solution for you and your property!

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