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by Lisa George

How do I protect a large property from burglary?

We would firstly advise that you speak to a reputable security company; one with a wealth of knowledge and experience of doing just that, such as us here at Brook Security! We can tell you about the weak points in your existing security set up and use our years of experience to advise you on the best route to a secure home.

There are several steps you can take to protect a large property from burglary:

  1. Install a security system: A security system can provide an effective deterrent to burglars and can alert you if there is any suspicious activity on your property. Consider installing security cameras, motion sensors, and intruder alarms to protect your property.
  2. Use strong locks: Burglars often look for properties with weak locks that are easy to break into. To protect your property, use strong locks on all doors and windows, and consider installing additional security measures such as deadbolts and window bars.
  3. Keep your property well-lit: Burglars often target properties that are remote in location, dark and hidden, so keeping your property well-lit can help to deter them. Consider installing floodlights, motion-sensor lights, and other types of lighting to make your property more visible and less attractive to burglars.
  4. Trim bushes and trees: Overgrown bushes and trees can provide cover for burglars and make it easier for them to break into your property. To protect your property, keep bushes and trees trimmed and well-maintained, and remove any that are close to windows or doors that may aid easy access into your home.
  5. Secure outdoor items: Outdoor items such as tools, ladders, and garden furniture can provide burglars with the means to break into your property. To protect your property, secure outdoor items in a shed or garage out of sight when they are not in use, and consider installing a locking mechanism on the shed or garage door or even a security alarm or other such device.

Overall, protecting a large property from burglary requires a combination of preventative measures which we refer to as layered security, which involves installing a security system that is made up of multiple different types of security systems and devices covering the perimeter of your property, working to give you an early warning if you are at home when burglars strike.

Talk to us today about your security requirements for your home or commercial property and we will provide you with a comprehensive and confidential report on your property with security options designed to keep your family and/or assets safe. Get in touch on 0800 281249 or . Let’s arrange your free, no obligation security review today!

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