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by Lisa George

It’s not just burglary that celebrities have to protect themselves and their homes from these days, Harry Styles recently had a stalker to deal with which required him to rethink his home security strategy.

Celebrities are consistently targeted by professional criminals as due to social media and knowing the schedules of the rich and famous it is easier to know when a property is going to be left unguarded. You only have to look at footballers such as Jack Grealish and ex-footballer Ashley Cole who have been victims of home intruders recently.

We want security to protect us, however if that is not possible, we also want a system that plays its role in apprehending the criminals. When the case goes to court the security system that is in place, if it is good, it will also play a role in prosecuting the criminal thanks to the evidence that it has captured.

What can celebrities do to reduce the risk and protect their homes? 

The first thing to do is minimise the opportunity.  Social Media is obviously an important part of the celebrity toolbox, and is essential in maintaining a personal brand, however, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are not giving career criminals a blueprint to plan the next big celebrity robbery.

  • Don’t share times when the family home will be empty, too often those posts about booking a vacation or trip of a lifetime ahead of the event can be signals for an empty home.
  • Think about pictures you take around the house, a carefully crafted Instagram background in your home may reveal security or lack of it, make sure you do not showcase all the rooms in your house to professional criminals.

Celebrity Security Systems 

The next thing to look at is how good is your current security system?, not just on a preventative level, but also on evidence capturing level.

Most home security systems fall short because they are not layered well enough and fail to protect the things that matter.

A good layered security system is not a size fits all approach, we specialise in working with clients and assessing your needs, the environment you live in and we work with you and your budget presenting the best options for you.

Call us to discuss your security needs and have a consultation with our security experts. 

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