Office, Schools and Hospital Access Control

With over 25 years of experience providing robust security solutions for the commercial and office environment.  Offering a range of office access control solutions, which can be layered and tailored to the size and budget of the business.

Access Control can be installed in offices of any size.   Designed specifically to restrict access,  therefore only allowing authorised employees to access granted areas.  This protects from intrusion and theft as well as protecting highly secure data, plus expensive equipment such as computers and  photocopiers.

Access Control installed in schools and colleges allows access to staff and students only to granted areas.  Therefore knowing that only those with granted access can be within highly sensitive areas.  Projecting both students and staff.

Hospitals also gain from having access control on ward doors.  Given security to only allow personnel access to granted access areas.  As a result in protecting staff, patients, confidential data and also highly expensive equipment.

Access Control combined with CCTV as an added layer of security is a great way of increasing your level of protection.

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