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Commercial Security Cameras for Your Business

We are the go-to CCTV installers in the Maidstone area

When choosing a commercial CCTV security camera as part of the overall security system for your business, there are many different considerations. Depending on the required performance of your CCTV Video Surveillance System, you need to make sure what you pick from a security company is fit for purpose and suits your exact needs.

At Brook Security, we’ve spent decades designing and installing commercial CCTV systems for businesses in Maidstone and across the South East. Each of our CCTV installers has extensive experience in the industry and they are able to design solutions for businesses of all sizes.

One of the widest choices when it comes to a security cameras for your business is the use of covert visible cameras. These are preferred when you don’t want to conceal a camera so that it can serve the dual purpose of acting as a visual deterrent against crime.

Covert, or hidden security cameras are chosen for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic issues. For instance, an overt camera may look out of place in the desired position or where staff, customers or visitors might feel uncomfortable being viewed by a camera. But yet hidden cameras are often used in areas where there is suspicion or possibility of criminal activity. We understand that you might not have any understanding of commercial CCTV systems. Our Maidstone CCTV installers will happily walk you through the various types of systems and advise you on what solution best meets your needs.

Security Camera Quality, Design and Features

The quality of a commercial CCTV security camera for your commercial property is important, depending on your requirements. For instance, how far do you need to see clearly? What is the ambient lighting level in the area of focus? Do you need a wide-angle view or a more zoomed view to focus on a gate or a door? Maybe you need enough quality for number plate recognition?

Typically, security cameras are available ranging from 2 MP to 8 MP (4K technology). Choosing the right specification for your needs can be the difference in ensuring you’re not spending too much and not purchasing a security camera that’s not fit for its intended purpose. Our CCTV installers provide impartial advice on what systems best meet your business, not what are most expensive.

High-Tech and Aesthetic Security Camera Options

If you’re considering something more complex, some security cameras feature pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) technology.  This enables the camera to be controlled and moved around, zoomed in and out, and they often come with long-range infrared illumination (100 metres or more).

PTZ security cameras are ideal for when there is an on-site or remote security person to operate them. Alternatively, they can be programmed to respond to an intruder alarm input (look at me command) or carry out programmed patrol tours.

Maybe not an as important consideration in terms of security and safety, but you’ll also find that security cameras come in a range of enclosure styles too, including Bullet, Dome and Turret. If aesthetics are important, this is another feature to consider.

How to Decide on the Best Security Camera For Your Business

Our Maidstone CCTV installers will provide you with impartial and honest advice on what type of system best meets your needs

With so many options to consider when choosing the right security camera for your business, choosing an installer or specialist security company that is able to understand your requirements and specify the correct options for you is extremely important.

As a leading Maidstone based Security Company, we have specialists who can listen to your expectations and requirements for your security camera needs and then recommend the fit-for-purpose options available to you.

Consultation with Brook Security is completely free and discreet, with no obligation to purchase. Why? Because we understand that finding the right security camera for your business premises is an important decision but not an easy decision. We take the time to make sure you don’t have to rush or make any uninformed choices.  Our CCTV installers can also help and advise on security cameras as part of an overall security system solution for your business too.

Want to know more about our commercial CCTV services? Please get in touch with our Maidstone team today.