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High-Quality Commercial CCTV and Video Surveillance for Your Business

Trusted by thousands of businesses in Maidstone and across the South East

There are so many different types of commercial CCTV and video surveillance systems out there, and so choosing the best one, will depend on your unique requirements and business setup.

Commercial CCTV systems vary from standalone observation systems where there is the requirement of a deterrent and an overview of activity, to remote monitoring CCTV cameras when external detectors or video analytics (artificial intelligence) are triggered by persons or vehicles. In this scenario, security operators can review remote cameras and escalate security as required and agreed upon.

The starting point for any CCTV service should begin with an in-depth understanding of what is required from the system and the user requirements. Our Maidstone team will only advise you on what type of commercial CCTV system best meets your needs, not what is most expensive.

Brook Security’s Specialist Commercial CCTV and Video Surveillance Solutions

At Brook Security, our Maidstone team has the resources to be able to provide you with the best security systems and services for your business’s specific needs, regardless of how complex or unique they may be.

Specialist CCTV system features we can deliver include:

  • Number Plate Recognition
  • Facial Detection
  • Zoomed viewing of selected areas
  • 4K Technology
  • Pan, tilt and zoom cameras (PTZ cameras)

As part of our extensive capabilities, we can provide the recording and storage of events as an option. If this is a requirement, we also recommend being especially mindful of GDPR requirements. If used, your use of CCTV record technology may be scrutinised including questions on the purpose of the CCTV System installed and the business case for storing CCTV recordings for a specific length of time maybe called upon.

To make sure you’re choosing the most compliant and effective CCTV and surveillance systems for your business, why not speak to one of our experts at Brook Security? We have vast experience in providing, maintaining, and monitoring CCTV and surveillance systems, and can support you in every aspect of your security needs.

To find out more about security cameras for business premises, click on the box above or give our Maidstone team a call.

Already have a CCTV system? When did you last have it serviced?

CCTV maintenance and servicing help to make sure that your systems are performing how they should be and are free of any faults. Our CCTV maintenance team have a wealth of experience in servicing all types of systems. A few examples would include PTZ cameras, smart CCTV  cameras, thermal systems, IP CCTV and so many more.

If you would like to arrange a maintenance visit, please get in touch with our Maidstone team today.

Our Maidstone team are here to help you and answer any questions you may have about our commercial CCTV services.