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Controlling Your Business’s Smart Security System Remotely with an App.

Running a business is all-consuming, especially in our fast-paced modern landscape. Using smart technology to help monitor and secure your business premises can help massively in terms of time-saving and convenience.

Keeping on top of productivity and performance is one of the many demands, but through the use of smart security systems linked to apps, dynamic remote management can be achieved.

This may take the form of checking if the intruder alarm system has been set at the end of the day (and if not, you can arm it from your app), if a member of staff is in work, or if a delivery you were waiting for arrived?

Typically, you can pick a time and date from the recordings (normal storage is 14-31 days of information) and review it or view in real-time as required.

The Diverse Capabilities of App Integration with Security Systems

With CCTV systems integrated with app management, these and many other tasks can be managed or monitored remotely – saving you time, money and stress. Giving you total peace of mind.

Some access control systems can even be remotely managed by an app where required. This may come in the form of dynamic access codes granted on a temporary basis, doors opened remotely, or tokens barred to stop use by non-members or ex-members of staff.

No matter how you’re considering making use of an app-integrated smart security system, Brook Security is here to advise or help any step of the way. We have a breadth of experience with advanced tech in security, as well as access to and expertise with all the latest designs and systems.

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