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Regulate Activity In and Around Your Business

Restricting movement of people or vehicles around your property or site is important but can be challenging. For many companies, advanced access control systems are a must have requirement.

Networked Access Control Systems for Business

Hospitals, schools, leisure facilities, warehouses, offices – these kinds of organisations employ access control systems to carry out the management of people.  For multi-site businesses, access cards can be set up to work across all sites.

The technology used to allow access to be managed depends on your business requirements but can be:

As well as different access control systems, various access levels can be assigned to manage how far persons can travel through your building(s) and at what times. To achieve this, databases are created and managed for access rights and permissions.

Access Control for Non-Permanent Employees and Visitors

Other functionality with commercial access control systems includes the ability to provide temporary validation for contractors, or even date-determined limitations for such purposes as granting annual memberships.

As well as restrictions for the persons moving in and around a property, intercom entry systems can be used as an extension and part of your access control system of choice – perfect for regulating visitor access.

At Brook Security, we are specialist access control advisors and suppliers, with the experience to provide you with any of the services mentioned above and much, much more.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help manage and regulate your company’s security.