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Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Terminal Readers

If you require higher levels of security for your business, you may want to consider access control systems with biometric technology.

Using a library of fingerprints or profiles created as a reference point (database), fingerprint or facial recognition readers can identify who has the correct level of access rights (permissions) to unlock a secure door or enter a private area.

This technology is a secure and reliable choice if you’re looking for access control for your business. In addition, with the pandemic, there’s even more reason to consider this kind of technology for your access control requirements.

For instance, with facial recognition terminals, the need to avoid touching surfaces in high-contact environments is decreased.

Biometric Technology Added-Value for Your Business

With intelligent facial recognition terminals, various added-value services are also available. This can include reading temperatures or checking if face coverings are being worn. To provide further efficiencies, this information can be stored on a database for review – saving supervision time.

At Brook Security, we are Kent based specialists in Home and Commercial security systems and services with over 25 years’ in the industry.  We have both the expertise and access to all the latest technologically advanced security equipment you may need to secure your business.

To find out how we can provide you with an efficient and reliable access control service, get in touch today.