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Finding the Best Proximity Reader for Your Business Needs

Contactless point of entry/exit devices, proximity readers are the most popular technology employed for access control. They’re high-tech, easy to use and a strong addition to any commercial security setup.

With a typical read range of 50mm, a token can simply be presented to the reader, making this system particularly beneficial in the post-pandemic landscape.

Although more common, 50mm proximity readers are at the lower end of the scale in terms of scan readability.

Different Proximity Reader Designs and Applications

If hands-free access is required, larger proximity readers with a longer read range can be fitted. Similarly, a larger reader (approximately 300mm square) is achievable, and these are usually used for vehicle gates and barriers.

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and proximity readers have advanced considerably. The latest generation of proximity readers can include multiple types of technology including Bluetooth. This allows them to work with a wide range of tokens and smart devices that have app tokens installed.

For commercial environments, providing only your staff with proximity cards can ensure only authorised persons are able to access the office or building, protecting your property and also giving you the ability to track who comes in and out.   Protecting your confidential data and equipment.

With many different options available, finding the right proximity reader for your business’s requirements takes consideration and know-how.

At Brook Security, we appreciate that when it comes to proximity readers, understanding the application and designing the most effective system that fits your exacting needs is critical for achieving a setup that delivers optimum performance and maximises security for your business, staff and equipment.

Door entry systems have been our forte for decades. Over the years, we’ve installed thousands of systems for businesses across Maidstone and throughout the South East.

Thought about upgrading to a mobile access control system?

Many businesses are switching to mobile access control due to the increased convenience and security that it offers. Staff use an access control app on their phone which acts as their credentials rather than using a keyfob/card. We like to keep our devices to ourselves and don’t like to hand them out. This means that you’re much more likely to have the right person with the correct level of access at all times.

If you would like to know more about mobile access control, please get in touch with our Maidstone team.

For proximity reader advice and support for your business, contact our Maidstone team today.