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Specialist Security Services for Offices & Commercial Premises

With security systems for offices and commercial premises, there are a range of factors that need to be considered; and all will influence what level and type of security you require, plus how and where it is installed.

First, there’s the business manager’s/owner’s requirements and preferences – what type of security system will best complement the working environment and personnel?

Then, there are the outright operational needs; what security systems does the business need to attain the recommended level of safety?

Finally, what are the insurance requirements? Should an unwanted scenario occur – break-in and theft, does the chosen security system and all its elements comply with the insurance agreement conditions?

CCTV Video Surveillance for Offices & Commercial Premises

CCTV video surveillance systems can provide security for all areas of offices and commercial premises – inside and out. This includes car parking areas, perimeters, sales floors, receptions, office areas and back-office rooms.

To make the most of these security systems, live-feed screens, and in-app viewing and management can be included, adding additional levels of security and crime prevention.

As well as being used to fend off and deter criminal activity, CCTV camera systems can assist with other areas of the business. For example, health and safety information and monitoring can be achieved, plus, general staff safety, and even productivity levels and efficiency management.

Multi-purpose Security Systems for Bespoke Business Requirements

Particularly with insurance purposes in mind, intruder and hold-up alarm systems tick many of the necessary boxes while also securing your business assets.

By far one of the most versatile security system types for offices and commercial premises, access control setups can help you manage people and their movements around the premises. Due to the versatile capabilities of these specific security alarm systems, access and permissions can even be set, controlled and customised per individual or for groups.

For industry best security systems that can be customised to your office or commercial premise requirements, Brook Security can assist with any or every step of the process. Get in touch today.