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by Lucy Hall

If you own a high end property or work with clients who do, you’ll want a high end security system designed bespokely to the security requirements of the owner’s lifestyle.

What is a high end security system?

High end security systems don’t just consist of a simple camera and an alarm, it’s putting together a full service security system that leaves nothing to chance. With general off the shelf security you can buy almost any tech to protect your property but it’s the expertise of a trusted high end security provider like Brook Security that will ensure every possible scenario is covered.

In a high end property, it’s likely you have more to protect including cars, art, jewellery and interior furnishings of high value.  In addition, if you or your client is a high profile influencer or celebrity they are at even more risk of being targeted by burglars. In fact there have been some notable high profile burglaries over the past few years, including former Chelsea FC midfielder and manager Frank Lampard and his television presenter wife Christine, socialite Tamara Ecclestone and Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay. To name just a few.

What does a high end security solution consist of?

A high end security solution for a residential property consists of the best technology needed and available to properly protect the high worth property and it’s owners. Some of the technology we may recommend for use are:

  • Motion Detectors:  This is an alert that would be sent to the owner or house manager when an intruder enters your property.
  • Smart Tracking Cameras: PTZ cameras can automatically follow intruders and people of interest once an alarm feature has been triggered.
  • Stranger Alerts: An alert can be set up  if a stranger or unauthorised person is on your property, this uses Facial-Recognition Technology.
  • Line Crossing: Get a notification once an invisible line is crossed by an intruder.
  • Deterrents: Deter potential burglars with an audio/visual alarm that can also include Strobe, Siren or even a voice message that triggers from a camera once an intruder’s presence is detected.
  • Face Detection: AI and Smart analytics are able to recognise when a human face is on your property and can send you a notification once it’s been alerted.
  • PTZ Cameras: Pan-tilt-zoom cameras work by moving or rotating the camera in different angles and directions to get a complete picture of the surveillance area, these cameras can also zoom in to see further detail of security events. The pan, tilt, and zoom functionality means it is possible to watch larger areas of a high end home with one camera using pre-programmed scans of the property.

All of this security tech can be integrated into a smart security solution that can be managed remotely from a mobile phone or ipad.

To Conclude:

High end security solutions aren’t compatible with a one size fits all approach because of the nuances of the lifestyle of the high end property owners. This means that you’ll need a multi layered, bespoke security solution tailored to your needs with the exact technology requirements to protect your property, family and all of what’s important to you.

At Brook Security we work with High end home owners and high profile property owners including celebrities and influencers to provide bespoke home security solutions and maintenance for  large executive properties, private offices or studiosremote and rural properties and private estates and grounds.  If you are looking for a security specialist with over 20 years experience in bespoke, high end security solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let’s chat through your options.  We also offer bespoke security services and solutions for high value commercial properties too.

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