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Brook Security

by Stuart Hall

Security systems no longer need to be big ugly alarm panels and plastic boxes stuck to the side of homes; the aesthetic of many systems has improved considerably over the years.  As technology advances; security systems can now be much more compact and accessed via smartphones removing all the bulky wall fittings of the past.

As a designer, security planning should be included at the very start of your process. Working with a reputable Security Company at the outset can ease the pressure of sourcing the right solutions for your client (we can also help you locate the items that fit into your vision).

We always think about security for our high net worth clients as needing to be Multi-Layered.

We believe that security needs to do its job of protecting, but done correctly it can integrate with your designs and be discrete. Starting with the exterior, when needing a good perimeter fence to keep out unwanted guests, it doesn’t have to be big steel spikes, boundaries can still be aesthetically pleasing too.  Camera placement is everything, we will work with you at the start to point out where the cameras need to be placed, once key areas of weaknesses have been identifed.

From a landscape perspective, nature has some wonderful natural deterrents, we are big fans of strategically placing thorny bushes in some areas of the garden.  Where boundary walls need to be improved, timber can give height and strength with a softer feeling for the resident.

Outdoor lighting. A great option for keeping your client’s perimeter secure.  For extra protection, you can consider sensor-triggered spotlights.

The interior layout. If you have the chance to redesign or create a layout, consider the visibility you have of the perimeter and approach from the inside.

Open-plan designs are a popular choice and often give clear views of the back or front.  If your client has the privacy to use a lot of glazing, it can also act as a deterrent.  Add the use of discrete security cameras inside the home you can not only protect your client’s home but create a mechanism for recovering any assets that are taken if security is compromised, as with the Tamara Ecclestone case.

Security Systems. Another core feature of the layered security approach is controlled access to the home, with most high-end systems operating from a tablet you no longer need bulky keypads in each room, being controlled via tablet and smartphone allows for greater design control but also offers client ability to check on the home while they are away, and it is this access that allows your client to control who enters the home without the need for blindly answering the door!

Now you’ve completed the perfect design for your client they will want to show it off, but before they do take a look at our tips for social media, you don’t want them to become an Instagram target.

If you are an interior designer starting a new design brief and want to speak to us about security, get in touch today!

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