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by Lisa George

Finding the right home security service for your client’s luxury property can be challenging.  Sometimes, you will find that many of the providers appearing at the top of a Google search often don’t supply bespoke security systems and services – offering the tailored solutions necessary for a larger, high net worth estate – which naturally comes with more risks.

Whether you’re part of a design team or a member of management tasked with finding high end security solutions, it can be hard to know where to start.

Referrals from other high net worth connections can be helpful but you also want to develop your own shortlist so that you can feel confident presenting your client with a range of the best options available to them.

What to look for

24/7 alarm monitoring – for peace of mind at all times, security providers for influential individuals need to be able to cover all bases so that they can respond swiftly to developing threats.

Bespoke home security services offering tailored solutions – a service should have an auditing process whereby they carry out a security review of a property and account for client needs before offering a range of suitable security systems and solutions.

A multi-layered approach that’s integrated into designhigh profile residences need an arsenal of cutting edge security technology for both safety and efficacy in a way that a smaller property which is less of a target simply doesn’t.

It’s important that a service can seamlessly and discreetly integrate said security systems into luxury property design to retain a homely feel and not take away from the beauty of the space.

Relevant case studies and experience – so that you can count on their discretion, professionalism and reliability.

State of the art security technology – because basic doesn’t cut it, some of what they should be able to offer include: advanced CCTV systems, perimeter alarms, intrusion detection, access control systems and smart home security technology.

A local security provider to your client’s residence/s for rapid response – this is paramount for effective property safeguarding even when the client or their staff are not on the premises.

Get in touch with our team at Brook Security to tailor a bespoke security plan to suit your property and needs today on 0800 281249.

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