Access Control Systems

Giving access, keeping control

At Brook Security, we provide a comprehensive range of access control systems to give control of your home or business.

For the home, this can include gate security to driveways and the grounds of the home, proximity readers to gain access to the home itself, and door security to areas and rooms where only authorised persons can enter. For businesses, this can include gate security to control access to grounds, car parks and buildings, comprehensive office access control solutions, and restricted access areas and rooms utilising the latest fingerprint and proximity readers.

Our access control systems meet exceptionally high security standards and help to control the movement of people in and around your home or business. They allow you to place restrictions on times and level of access, tailored to open barriers, gates and doors as required. Door security provides controlled access for restricted areas, such as car parks, building entrances and exits, and areas/rooms for authorised persons only. Proximity readers can be easily fitted for single door security or networked multiple door security.

The benefits of our access control systems mean that, for commercial premises, workplace safety and security is improved, whilst for a domestic property, it will help detect and deter unauthorised access. Not only will entry systems control the access of individuals, but also record the location of someone within the building. Only with the right level of permission will personnel be granted access to restricted areas.

Installing an access control system allows you to feel comfortable knowing you have control over time and people who can access the chosen location, cutting down the chances of a potential break in to secure locations. When combined with our other security services such as security alarms and CCTV, we can create powerful and comprehensive security solutions.

We provide:

  • A range of systems suitable for any premises
  • Stand alone access control systems
  • Cardlock access control systems
  • Digital key pad, swipe and proximity readers with biometric technology
  • PC Network access systems for multi and large commercial sites over LAN/WAN