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Specialist Security System Provider for Schools

When it comes to school buildings and grounds, protection is of the utmost importance. Plus, due to the typical scale of schools, the necessary levels of protection will often include all our accredited security systems – access control, CCTV video surveillance and intruder alarm systems.

The Functions of Security Equipment for the Safety of Schools

Access control can start at the school gates and extend through the main entrance, offices, classrooms, corridors and even libraries. Usually, this will consist of different levels of access for teaching staff, students, cleaners, and contractors. For additional security and functionality, intercom systems will often be part of the school’s access control system.

With CCTV, you can keep a watchful eye on all external entrances/exits, sports fields, play areas, building perimeters and key circulation areas within the school and its grounds.

With intruder alarms, you can protect the school when it is unoccupied. An option with intruder alarms is alarm sub systems. With these dynamic setups, some areas can be switched off, leaving main areas protected, for instance, if groups are hiring specific spaces or rooms.

Brook Security has extensive experience providing specialist security systems for schools and educational facilities. Get in touch today and we can make sure the premises are benefiting from the most effective and valuable security systems.