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Brook Security

by Stuart Hall

Securing your home; where to start.

When considering Security Services for your home or commercial property, do you find yourself wondering how it all works and what the process is from start to finish?…Here’s our handy guide to provide you with an idea of how we at Brook Security work to ensure we provide the best security solutions and services for our clients.

Our Process

1.  You contact Brook Security either by phone, email or our handy online contact form

2.  We will have a discussion with you about your security concerns and what security you currently have in place.

3.  There is only a limited amount of information and general advice possible from a desktop consultation. So, we will then arrange to carry out a site survey of the property to get a better feel for exactly what you need.

  • We will look at, the location of the property, where it is situated, access points, balconies, flat roofs, pergolas, climbing aids. This is why it is important that our team of experts get out on site to physically see the premises we are protecting, and these considerations cannot be identified easily over the phone or email.
  • We will discuss how you live your life in terms of leaving and returning home. Would you activate a layered system when in the house? Do you want to be able to see your children playing, horses in the stables or paddock, your parked classic or high performance cars?

4.  With a large detached residential property it is probable that a full external detection can be designed. However, with country estates it is different. So key areas will be covered with external detection systems as a first line of defense, protecting entrance driveways, gatehouses, cottages, barns, tractor sheds, pool houses, stables, garages and the main house. Then, additional security layers will be added to avoid single point of failure solutions.

5.  We will then discuss our security systems designs and the thought processes behind them with you. How they will work as layers and how they can be operated. Ease of use and being user friendly is critical in our opinion as the best security systems in the world are ineffective if not switched on.

6.  Once agreed, the next step is the installation of your bespoke security solution. Our discrete and professional team will install the new security system with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life, designed specifically to your needs and requirements.

7.  After your multi-layered security system has been installed and tested, we will then brief you and your family or staff on how to use your new security system effectively, ensuring you are happy with everything we have provided for you.

We are experienced in working with the unique demands and requirements of our high-profile clients and understand the need for complete discretion. Our experience spans working with HNW clients to protect their homes from the following threats:

  • Break-ins
  • Stalking
  • Covert photography and reporters
  • Threats to life
  • Violent robbery
  • Targeted burglary
  • Property damage
  • General security
  • Trespassing

With our vast experience and expertise, Brook Security can create a security solution that will allow you to once again feel safe when you are at home and give you the peace of mind your home and possessions are safe and secure when you are not. Please do get in contact with us today.  Unfortunately, most HNW homeowners act once something has already happened.  Act now before a crime has been committed, and contact us by phone or email today to start securing your home!

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