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by Lucy Hall

When thinking about a comprehensive security solution for your luxury home, what you really need to consider is a multi-layered approach. Home security is not one size fits all and different properties come with different vulnerabilities. High net worth homeowners will especially want all bases covered and a multi-layered approach to securing your home ensures a bespoke fit, designed specifically for your property’s needs.

What is a multi-layered approach?

Layered home security is where security is employed in a network approach, using several components with varying levels of protection. Each layer provides a different type of security for your property and the network itself should have multiple overlapping redundancies in case one security function fails. By using a variety of different security systems and resources, a multi-layered approach to home security can act as protection from and deterrent of home intruders.

Why layered home security is important?

Layered home security is important because it protects your property in a more effective way than utilising one security solution alone, or several features that do not integrate efficiently with each other. Multi-layered security is the most comprehensive method of home protection because it is expertly designed to fit every security need your home has, both externally and internally.

The right home security system should be completely bespoke. A security audit/review performed by a qualified security expert can give you multiple suggestions for different layered solutions specifically for your property. However some common security layers for both homes and businesses include:

  • Gates – gates effectively create a barrier between the home and surrounding area, both acting as a deterrent and ensuring privacy from prying eyes which could become potential security threats.
  • Access control systems access control systems are an additional layer of security for gates and doors within a property, using technology to prevent and deter unauthorised people from gaining access to the property.
  • Security cameras security cameras or CCTV protect the home by providing a constant surveillance of vulnerable areas, allowing potential threats to your property’s security to be resolved swiftly because they have been identified before intrusion has occurred.
  • Intrusion detection intrusion detection systems use a variety of sensors to detect and help prevent theft, property damage and threats to safety; when used in cohesion with other security methods they boost the efficiency of your overall home security.
  • Perimeter alarms – perimeter alarms act as a first line of defence for your home by providing foresight into potential dangers at the property line and covering the blind spots of other implemented systems.
  • Smart home security smart home security technology allows for seamless communication between the security resources employed to protect your home and offers a more robust level of protection than traditional devices.
  • Safes – safes act as a final layer of protection for valuables within your home, in the event of other methods failing, they prevent items with the highest personal value being taken off the property and bide time for law enforcement to arrive.

Get in touch with our team of security experts at Brook Security to tailor a bespoke multi layered security plan to suit your property and needs today on 0800 281249.

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