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Brook Security

by Lisa George

Technology Today – Warning

‘Because you can, doesn’t mean you should’.

Technology today allows really complex scenarios to be set up when operating an Intruder Alarm System. Some of the larger systems allowing 32 sub-systems (different areas or groups) to be used independently. Really clever stuff.

We were asked by a leading insurer to review an existing Intruder Alarm System in a large residential property. As their client was having difficulty in operating the ‘System’.

In fact, it is a ‘Country Estate’ with many buildings all connected to the Alarm Control System. Meaning when it came to setting the Alarm or unsetting the Alarm, it was like ‘20 questions’ what do you want to turn on? What should remain off, what should you turn off etc.

You need a degree in operating a Home Alarm System to fully understand how to use it.

In my view it is far too complicated and there are simpler home security solutions that could have been used. Which we have recommended.

‘So, because you can doesn’t mean you should’ ‘Keep it simple’ Make it user friendly.

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