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by Lucy Hall

High net worth homes have a higher risk of burglary and crime.

Especially when the owner of the home is high profile. Keeping family and family valuables safe in high net worth homes is of high concern. 

Fitting a standard home intruder alarm system to tick a box isn’t going to ensure enough protection for high net worth homes and so it’s worth investing in bespoke security systems for large executive properties and private estates and grounds that not only protect your home but also integrate with your lifestyle using the latest security technology on the market. 

At Brook Security we always carry out an in-depth security consultation with our high net worth and high profile clients. We make it our business to understand their needs before we make recommendations on the best possible security systems and services for their specific requirements. 

With that in mind, we believe the key to keeping our high net worth clients safe is not only understanding their needs but using a security layering system. For smaller households, home security would most likely simply include a security camera and a simple burglar alarm system. However for the high profile clients or high net worth homes we recommend layering security.  

This means adding multiple layers of security providing a failsafe. So even if one element of security is breached you’ll have a backup layer. Here are some home security layering options to consider for high-value homes:

CCTV camera systems

CCTV cameras are necessary for keeping high-value homes safe. A range of cameras positioned strategically outside your home will serve as both a deterrent and a way to identify breaches. Today’s home CCTV systems are fully integrated with technology such as your smartphone and are accessible using apps, making these Smart Security systems for your home. This way you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property and detect breaches even when you aren’t at home. 

High-security window and door locks

By investing in the latest security technology you are able to set reminders for window and door locks. Windows are vulnerable to intruders especially in high net worth homes, so an effective door and window locks are an absolute essential when it comes to protecting your high net worth home.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are another must when it comes to home security layering for high net worth homes. They act as a deterrent and ensure personal protection if you are at home. Alarm systems can also be turned on and off remotely. 


There are many ways to layer the security for a high net worth home to ensure safety for the owner and their family, the best way to secure your home is to have your systems tailored to your lifestyle and needs, speak to the team at Brook Security who will provide an in-depth consultation to help you secure your high-value home. 

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