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by Lisa George

It is well documented that former professional footballer Ashley Cole and his family had an extremely bad experience while their home was being burgled and threatened with physical violence and extreme brutality.  He managed to come through the experience and the criminal gang have been prosecuted thanks to the evidence collected.

Every year we hear that several premier league football players’ homes are targeted. This can be while they are on the pitch in many cases, criminal gangs wait and see if the home is empty during a match, and they know they have several hours to break into the property and take the valuables which have often been showcased on social media.

With the World Cup coming up later this year, it is another opportunity for criminal gangs to know when a home full of valuables is going to be empty.  When a player is invited to pull on the national jersey in a World Cup tournament, they will naturally want the family to be part of this great sporting achievement too.  Unfortunately, the criminal gangs targeting the homes of premier league footballers count on this.

A layered approach to security can help you to control access to your property remotely, even while you are out of the country.

A layered approach to security will help with physical deterrents such as CCTV cameras in key strategic positions to protect the premier of your home but can also alert the authorities to someone unidentified within the perimeter of your property.

In this article, we explain how layered security can protect your high-net-worth homes.

At Brook Security we understand each of our clients’ homes are unique.  We offer a free security review to help identify the risks in your existing home security and offer you bespoke security solutions that work to protect your home.

Criminal gangs are specialists in breaking into homes, they can potential bypass your existing security setup by cutting the power and other tricks of the trade.  At Brook we are security experts, we will recommend layered security solutions to suit your specific requirements, that can withstand power cuts and still protect your family.

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