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by Stuart Hall

Perrie Edwards and Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Paul Pogba, Ashley Cole, and many other footballers and celebrities are being targeted by organised criminal gangs.  This is not burglary by chance, or opportunistic, these are well-planned robberies by professional criminal gangs.

While reports of crimes vary, Sadio Mané’s home was targeted by criminals while playing in the champions league in Germany, others are even attacked while relaxing at home.  You may have colleagues or friends who have been targeted so you know some of the awful stories and what can happen when your security system is not up to the task at hand.

Footballers and sporting professionals have valuable memorabilia, wealth and assets which makes you a visible criminal target.

The Issue – Routine

As high-profile sports professionals‘ routines are easy to understand, your diary commitments are planned out months in advance, making it easy for criminals to understand and plan low risk times to target your home.  With seasons and sporting calendars mapped out well in advance, it gives criminals time to plan an operation targeting your home.  They will be watching not just your activity but looking for routines for the family, staff, friends and relatives, looking for routines that they can use to their advantage….against you.

They will be monitoring your social media activity, innocent live stream in your home, pouring over magazine articles, interviews, and social media posts that reveal weak links and clues to your home security system and set up.

With all this information, they can then pick the best time to strike!

How Can You Prevent This?

A layered security approach is the best solution when it comes to securing your home, working with a specialist like Brook Security.  We will highlight the threats to your home and family and can partner with you to ensure that you have a fully managed solution monitored by security professionals or integrated with your existing system.  Either way, you will have peace of mind when you are out on the pitch doing your best for your club or country, knowing your property is as secure as possible.

If you would like more details on multi layered security solutions please click here:

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A Layered Security Approach

In essence, we create a security system that covers the perimeter of your property, a managed solution may show up activity that is suspicious during the criminal planning stage, and we then ensure that the perimeter, access, alarm and response systems are all working together to keep you safe.

While safety is the priority, retrieving assets and getting justice for those whose security is breached is also important, we work with you to ensure your home security systems can withstand power blackouts which may be caused by the criminals or the cost of living crisis.

But I Have Security!…

Not all security systems are equal, standards and technology vary, our security cameras are capable of detecting humans imitating animals through advanced AI, and we have cameras that can read the temperature as well as record visual images.

Some systems fail when the power is turned off and the biggest threat to your security system is sometimes user error.

Former Met Police Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville explains..

“ANY burglary is a terrifying thing for anyone to go through but it’s even more so if you are at home when it happens.

Footballers are being targeted by highly organised gangs who are willing to come face-to-face to take what they want.

Home security systems protect properties brilliantly when they are on.

But people don’t set house alarms when they are relaxing with their family.

It brings a real threat that a footballer or their wife or children could be seriously injured because most of the time these robbers are armed with knives.”

We ensure that you and your family know how to use the systems we put in place for your home or commercial property, so you are protected especially when you are relaxing at home.

We help create a layered security system that provides you with reassurance as we also understand each property is unique and circumstances are different for each of our clients.

Speak to our discrete and expert team who will arrange a consultation to discuss your security needs.

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