Businessman entering safe code on the door security system to unlock the door.

Door Security

Door security solutions provide controlled access for restricted areas of your home or business, such as car parks, garages, building entrances and exits, and areas or rooms for authorised persons only.

Brook Security provide keyless proximity readers that can be easily fitted for single doors or networked for multiple door security. This applies to robust systems such as those found in a commercial environment and we can include networked PC control administration for multiple office or multiple door buildings. For the highest level of security, we recommend that door security is combined with fingerprint readers.

We can also provide digital door lock systems which restrict access via a dedicated pin number. These digital door security systems provide superb control and can be integrated with existing systems including video and intercoms. Digital door security systems can be fitted quickly and easily and are perfect when only a small number of doors need to be controlled.

Our systems are designed specifically for standalone doors. Only authorised persons are allowed access, and the system restricts unauthorised use. All security doors can be programmed and networked back to a central PC.

Installing a robust door security system gives you more control over who enters a property or room by granting access only to trusted people. Integrating with systems such as proximity and fingerprint access systems can increase protection to the property by limiting access and monitoring entries.

Find out more about how you can layer your security systems for enhanced property protection.