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Discreet Protection with Wireless Alarm Systems

If you’re looking for protection and detection technology for your home, a wireless alarm system should be one of your first considerations.

In the past, having a fully wired burglar alarm was the only option, but wireless security alarm systems have progressed considerably and are now practical and affordable measures to protect your home.

In fact, in most instances, unless your house is a new build or undergoing major remodelling, the burglar alarm system you use will be wireless. At Brook Security, our burglar alarm installers are familiar with both types of systems and over the years have installed thousands of systems across Maidstone and the surrounding areas in Kent.

In a finished property, it is almost impossible to conceal cabling when there is marble or solid floors. But, in some cases, legacy intruder alarm systems will have been installed and hard-wired. Providing the cabling is in good condition, it is feasible to use the wiring and upgrade to a hybrid system where wireless security devices are added to achieve the required level of protection.

What Makes Wireless Alarm Systems Better?

So, wired or wireless alarm systems is a matter of practicality; performance and reliability have achieved parity. Then what makes wireless house alarms the better option?

With wireless home security systems, there are high-quality, robust radio transmitters built into the devices that are powered by batteries, making ease of use and reliability synonymous with wireless alarm systems.

The security of the actual system is advanced too, with the wireless system’s signal encrypted so that it is secure from an integrity perspective.

High-tech, Low-maintenance, Unobtrusive

Wireless alarm systems use motion sensors that are discrete and designed to go unnoticed. Furthermore, the hardware is expertly designed to blend seamlessly with your surrounding decor.

Motion sensors use infra-red technology to detect movement, which can even be adjusted to various detection settings, and the motion sensors can also be combined with window and door sensors to provide a complete home security system. This enables you to be able to prepare for a multitude of intrusion scenarios.

Choose a Wireless Alarm System That Fits Your Needs

Ultimately, there isn’t a more effective and important component for greatly reducing the risk of your home being burgled than a quality security alarm system.

Choose the right system for your needs and you’ll gain robust and completely secure protection for your home.

At Brook Security, we understand the importance of choosing an alarm system that’s designed around you and your lifestyle. That’s why we take the time to discover exactly what you need – and then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Our Maidstone burglar alarm installers provide impartial and honest advice on each of our systems and won’t try and sell you the most expensive system.

And as well as our extensive options in wireless alarm systems, you can even combine them with our other market-leading security systems and services such as a CCTV and surveilance setup and access control systems.

Already have an alarm but want to upgrade?

Does your home already have an alarm but its outdated? Why not upgrade it? Over the years, our burglar alarm installers have upgraded thousands of alarm systems across Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Kent. By upgrading to a newer system, you are future-proofing your property by improving your security.

To speak to one of our security specialists here at Brook Security, get in touch with our Maidstone team today.