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Upgrade and Enhance your Existing Home Security Setup

At Brook Security, we have great experience with new clients wanting to engage us for our comprehensive home security takeover services.

There are thousands of legacy systems that have been fitted by other security companies and installers, and no doubt yours will have a somewhat individual setup of its own.  After all, the type of home security system and its intricacies is often partly dictated by the property it’s designed around.

The Best Home Security Takeover for Your Property

Because no one size fits all, when you engage Brook Security for a home security takeover, we provide a holistic approach to investigating what you and your property need.

  • First, we want to hear from you –what you want, what’s worked so far and what needs to change or be improved.
  • Then, we will review your current security systems to identify if they can integrate with newer technology, any challenges that may arise from your legacy security system, and if and where maintenance or upgrades and updates may be required.

Where possible, Brook Security will always work with systems already in place to address the home security objectives discovered.

Can Brook Security Provide Me with a Home Security Takeover?

When we are invited to quote to take over a home security system, there are several initial considerations and criteria that need to be looked into and determined. For instance:

  • Is the property in the geographical area we cover (Southeast England)?
  • Are we familiar with the installed equipment and can we work with it?
  • Do you own the system (some systems are only rented from the installer)?

When the answers are known to our initial discovery questions, and if we can engage, we will then conduct a visual inspection of the installed system and equipment.

Once this stage is complete, we can discuss our findings with you – mainly what the system does and how it performs.

It is only then – after a thorough investigation and an in-depth discovery to ensure you’re going to get a premium yet cost-effective service – that we will provide you with a quote to take over the installed security system. This will include details of any improvements recommendations we have spotted in the process.

As well as home security installation and takeover services, Brook Security also provides industry-leading monitoring and maintenance services, helping provide you with that extra peace of mind.

For more information on our home security takeover services or how we can provide full, bespoke protection for your property, get in touch today.