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Specialist Security System Providers for Hospitals

Hospitals require many layers of security to protect their staff and patients, along with laboratories, drug-controlled pharmacies, and radioactive areas.

Types of Security Equipment Recommended for Hospitals

External CCTV video surveillance is recommended for hospitals; to be used to provide coverage of car parking areas, approach roads, building perimeters, footpaths, entrances, exits, reception areas, corridors, stairways, and other areas throughout.

Access control systems should be installed to grant patient and visitor movement to areas, and to allow access as appropriate for the hospital medical teams and security personnel.

For areas that are not operational 24/7, intruder alarm systems are highly recommended, especially for key rooms. Also, personal attack systems can be given to staff – protecting the frontline medical teams that are keeping us, the public safe.

At Brook Security, we take pride in installing electronic security systems to help keep the NHS safe.

We have the expertise and specialist experience to provide comprehensive, bespoke security for hospitals. To find out more, speak to one of the team today.