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Bespoke Alarm Systems for Your Business Tailored By Competent Alarm Engineers

Meeting insurance requirements is a minimum for any high-quality intruder alarm system installation. In terms of meeting your insurance policy obligations, it is likely imperative that you have an alarm system for your business premises that matches the ascertained levels of compliance.

Alarm systems are especially effective in reducing losses as the length of time an intruder will spend on a premises once the alarm system has been activated is drastically shortened – sometimes even to the point of them leaving instantly. Over the years, our Maidstone alarm engineers have been responsible for designing and installing thousands of commercial alarms for businesses across the South East.

Flexible Alarm Systems for Specific Demands

Our Maidstone alarm engineers have extensive experience tailoring alarms for businesses of all sizes.

If your business site(s) has various buildings or departments, it is possible to have some areas alarmed while other areas are switched off.

For instance, you may wish to have fire exit doors alarmed 24/7, but warehouse or showroom areas actively alarmed only during out-of-office hours.

With the more sophisticated alarm systems; advanced capabilities are available, such as alarming higher risk areas that are occupied, for the purpose of raising an alert to colleagues if entry into a restricted area occurs.

At Brook Security, we have over 25 years’ experience in advising on and installing industry-leading alarm systems to suit all kinds of business requirements. We employ competent alarm engineers who ensure all systems are installed correctly and in accordance with EN 50131 standards.

Already have an alarm system? When did you last have it maintained?

Our intruder alarm maintenance and servicing programme helps to keep your alarm in perfect working order. With regular maintenance, it allows us to diagnose any issues which could be on the horizon.

If you would like to arrange an alarm maintenance visit, please contact our Maidstone team today.


To find out how we can meet your needs, or if you would like to know where our alarm engineers work outside of Maidstone, get in touch today.