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by Lucy Hall

Using Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

Before we start you should always seek an NSI accredited company like Brook Security to install your security system! We also have access to some of the most advanced security cameras that offer advanced night vision, AI detection and can see heat signatures.

Did you know most UK break-ins happen via the front door!

Ensuring that you have a security camera protecting the front of the house and driveway is essential. You need to think about the height and the position, you may even want a secondary camera that is slightly less obvious pointing towards the front elevation of the house giving you multiple views.

The security camera (or CCTV) system needs to be placed out of reach so as not to be targeted but also needs to be in a position that is useful to capture footage, too high and an image of someone’s head/hood is not going to be effective.

Off-Street windows: These are another favourite entry point especially on the first floor of a building, usually located around the side or the rear of a property you will want to use a security camera covering these windows as a deterrent, because of the light conditions and often restricted access using some of the advanced camera technology here can be beneficial to protecting your home.

Large glass doors at the rear of the home: These are also a vulnerable spot, having both a surveillance or CCTV camera on the rear elevation and facing the rear elevation is recommended.

Part of the security consultations we offer is to identify the best place to install security cameras on your property and help you identify the assets that are most vulnerable and advise you on the best way to protect them.

While external CCTV cameras are a great deterrent, often internal security cameras are overlooked, these can be a valuable addition to any layered security package for your home and offer valuable footage if someone does penetrate your external security system.  Placing them opposite the key areas where intruders usually enter, the Front door and rear doors can have an impact in catching and apprehending anyone who does enter your home.

Security for outbuildings: As part of the property, you may also need to look at security for garages and security for stables if these are within the grounds of your estate, we will look at the best way of using security cameras to protect the valuable assets that these outbuildings house.

We are long-standing security specialists, with expertise in creating layered security systems to protect high-value homes, call us today on 0800 281249 to discuss your unique security requirements.

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