Security Alarms

Be alarmed

The importance of being prepared cannot be underestimated. At Brook Security, we believe that a quality security alarm is the cornerstone of any home or business security system.

With nearly a quarter of a million break-ins occurring in the UK every year, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. We offer a wide range of tailor-made security alarms to help secure your home or business, so that if the worst does happen, you’ll have everything you need to be protected.

We offer a variety of security alarms suited to both domestic and commercial requirements. Our security alarms are designed to be visible enough to deter would-be intruders, yet discrete enough to work around your home or business needs without getting in the way. We use the latest technologies and we design our systems to integrate with you lifestyle, meaning our intruder alarm systems can often be monitored through smart devices or integrated with the latest smart home technologies.

At Brook Security, we are proud to be NSI (National Security Inspectorate) and NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) Gold approved suppliers and installers of security alarms for all varieties of budgets and required levels of security.

We provide:

  • Detection Devices
  • Personal Attack Buttons
  • Control Equipment
  • Speech/Text Dialler
  • Sounders/Strobes
  • Remote Signalling
  • Monitored Alarms with Police Response