Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint Readers are regarded as the most secure technology in the industry as they cannot be copied, unlike keys and cards.  All whilst giving the highest level of Access Control.

Remembering passwords have gone, you can now control those who are granted access to the property by programming the fingerprint readers to recognise only selected persons. These systems are simple to use, furthermore ensuring high security for your chosen location or property.

Whether you’re protecting a highly confidential storage room, or office, this system can provide the high security needed.

This form of security is used to identify a person’s fingerprint whilst allowing access to areas that are required.  Access is only given to areas that match the fingerprint  stored.

Additionally combined with any of our other security solutions such as door security systems, fingerprint readers can elevate your security system to the highest level.

With NSI (NACOSS) Gold accreditation our systems meet exceptionally high security standards.  Whilst helping to control the movement of people in and around your home or business.

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