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Another Layer of Security for Your Business

Business Security Monitoring comes in various forms. For low-risk properties, self-monitoring may be acceptable with the client or staff being alerted by a notification to a Smart Security App.

For most businesses, medium to high-risk monitoring is necessary. This usually comes in the form of remote monitoring with police response. For many businesses, this level of security monitoring is the standard requirement for insurance purposes.

The style, or technology used for intruder alarm monitoring also differs. You can choose single path such as radio or IP, or dual path with both technologies, or radio/radio.

High Levels of Security for More Complex or Vital Business Needs

For businesses or commercial buildings that need more intense levels of security monitoring, remote monitoring of CCTV video surveillance systems may be necessary. Businesses requiring this level of protection and prevention usually have high-value stocks within a compound or on a car dealer’s forecourt, for instance. For these scenarios, it’s recommended that you have ‘eyes on’ 24/7 security monitoring.

If you’re considering security monitoring for your business, Brook Security can provide you with a complete service – or any support you may need.

From professional and flexible consultation to review, installation or monitoring, our team of security specialists have industry-leading experience and are skilled at creating bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.

For more information, get in touch today.