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by Lisa George

You can’t put a price on the well-being and safety of your loved ones. While you might be tempted to save money on luxury items such as holidays, home upgrades and new gadgets, there is one thing that is about as far from a luxury as it gets: security for your home. Not only will a well-protected home give you the ultimate in peace of mind for your family while you are both at home or travelling away, but it will also help you protect your assets. But which smart home security technology is worth looking at right now and worth your investment?

Let’s take a closer look at some of your best options – read on to find out more!

App/Smartphone Monitoring

There are dozens of home security apps for your smartphone these days, and the great thing about them is that it gives you brilliant security options wherever you are in the world. You can do everything from control lighting and TVs remotely through to programming thermostats and pick up live video feeds from a camera inside your home. Ideal for long holidays, or when you need to check up on a nanny or au pair.

Wireless Security

A truly smart home combines a set of Internet-connected security devices with sensors that can offer superb detection. Your central Internet-connected hub will connect to and communicate with your smartphone app wirelessly, giving you full control of the security and smart devices in your home. But wireless hub systems offer way more than just security. On some, you can program how your devices respond when they are triggered. On others, you can monitor the comings and goings of loved ones.


CCTV and security cameras are essential for your home security setup. You can use them as part of a joined up and layered security solution. Or, you can just buy them separately and link them to a recorder to store and view the footage at a later date.

Face Recognition Cameras

Want to make sure your loved ones are safe when they return home? Try a face recognition camera, which is brilliant for home security purposes. These cameras will recognise anyone that comes to your door, and send an alert when it picks up an unfamiliar face. Most will allow you to build up a kind of ‘contacts list’ for your friends and regular visitors, too.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are incredibly effective for home security. If anyone breaks into your home they will set off an alarm and alert you immediately, and you can set them up all the way through your house or just in a specific room – where you keep your valuables, for example.

Window and Door Alarms

Finally, sometimes the old ways are the best! And it’s certainly the case for window and door alarms, which will notify you and a local security company if any burglar tries to break in. Most models are highly discreet and use wireless technology.

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