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by Lisa George

CCTV (which stands for “closed-circuit television”) is not a new invention, but it is surprising how many business owners feel they can go without this extra layer of security when attempting to protect their business. While a CCTV system alone is not a sufficient way to protect a business, it is a crucial component and one that any conscientious business owner needs to consider.

When it comes to ensuring the protection of your business, CCTV is a valuable tool that any business owner should want to utilise. If you need convincing, then it’s worth considering the many ways in which CCTV can benefit your business security, and the importance of CCTV for business purposes– read on to find out more.

The importance of deterrent

Even in the modern world, a huge amount of security thoughts and considerations focus on deterrent. This is an incredibly effective strategy; after all, if you can deter a thief from even considering your business premises as a potential target, you’ve already won the war. Deterrent is vital to securing your business security.

CCTV cameras are by far the most effective kind of deterrent. The reason for this is simple: CCTV cameras can be a problem for a thief or burglar long after the actual burglary.

Imagine a scenario. A burglar approaches your company premises. Immediately, a PIR motion light flicks on, and they are illuminated for the entire world to see. That’s a problem — and may in and of itself deter a burglar — but a determined thief, especially in a quiet area, will carry on regardless. When they have accessed the premises, the PIR can do no more to them.

However, if they approach the premises and spot a CCTV camera, that’s a big concern. That camera isn’t just a problem right now, but the footage it records also has the potential to be a real problem in the future– potentially even be used to secure their conviction for their crimes. Due to this ability, when it comes to security deterrents, CCTV just can’t be beaten.

Eyes open when you’re away

When you’re at your business premises, security is relatively simple– after all, you’re there to ensure everything is done as it should be. You can check doors are effectively locked, windows are closed, and all of your thief-deterring measures are in place.

When you leave your premises, however, you can encounter problems. Employees may not be as dedicated to maintaining security as you, which means your premises immediately become vulnerable. Given that you can’t be at your premises all the time — everyone needs a holiday every now and then! — CCTV is the best way of “checking in” without actually having to physically be at your business. You can consult CCTV feeds from smartphone apps and desktop computers, giving you the chance to check your business premises are secure while you enjoy a much-deserved break on a beach somewhere sunny.

Marketing Information:

If you could stand and watch potential clients looking around your premises you will see what they stop at but they may not buy.  Some merchandise maybe overlooked.  CCTV can be your ‘fly on the wall’.

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