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by Lisa George

Advancements in the home security industry reach the market every single day, and innovators claim we have better technology and methods now than ever before in the past. There are lots of security devices and features available that integrate with your home design and lifestyle these days, and so we’re going to take a quick look at some of them today. We’ll also try to highlight some of the benefits users can expect to encounter if they opt to invest in the products mentioned on this page.

Smart home security systems

There are lots of different smart home security systems on the market at the moment, and many of them perform using the same methods. Intelligent alarms can help when it comes to protecting the property from burglars. They monitor activity on the property and then use the information to identify anything unusual. Compared to the price of regular home alarms, families will have to make a more substantial investment. However, you will achieve improved security and ensure your house is as safe as possible. In most instances, you can monitor and adjust smart home security systems using a tablet or smartphone.

Face recognition and fingerprint readers

People who want to invest in the latest tech shouldn’t overlook the benefits of using face recognition technology and fingerprint readers at home. There are some CCTV cameras on the market that use face recognition to identify unusual people on the property. There are also lots of fingerprint-reading door locks that will prevent unwanted guests from gaining access. In many situations, it’s possible to link those fingerprint readers to the smart home security system. If someone with a fingerprint the system doesn’t recognise tries to open the door, you can set the alarm to sound. Again, those devices (especially the face recognition cameras) tend to link well with tablets and smartphones.

Perimeter protection technology

Modern door and window sensors can also help to keep the average home secure. Some of the cheapest solutions on the market will only send alerts when a window or door is opened or closed. However, high-end devices will also let the homeowner know if someone tampers with the entry point in any way. That means it’s almost impossible for burglars or criminals to deactivate the technology without your knowledge. Also, as you might expect, perimeter protected tech will often link to your mobile devices too.

With all that in mind, it’s apparent that the most recent advancements in residential security features will blend well into your home design and lifestyle. All of the devices mentioned in this post come with sleek designs and aesthetics to ensure they integrate into almost any theme or interior trend. Also, the items are much smaller than most people might expect, and so they can often go unnoticed. If you’re committed to making your home as secure as possible this year, you need to invest in improved technology as soon as possible. As the government reports that burglaries rose by 6% in the twelve months leading up to June 2017, you need to act fast!

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