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by Lisa George

High-profile celebrities, movie stars, and other influential people have to think long and hard about their approach to home security. As those people are considered wealthy, they often become a target for criminals who want to make the most profit from their crimes. There are also lots of other reasons A-listers have to maintain advanced security on their properties. With that in mind, this article will provide an insight into some of the steps those people have to take to ensure they’re families remain safe and free from concern.

What are some of the security concerns for the super-rich?

As we’ve just mentioned, break-ins and burglaries are common for wealthy people, and so most super-rich individuals will have to employ preventative measures to keep their homes secure. Stalking can often become a problem too when overly-enthusiastic fans might try to follow and then catch a glimpse of their idols. Alongside those threats, celebrities also stand an increased chance of becoming victims of kidnapping for ransom, and we can’t forget that paparazzi photographers will often break the law and commit minor crimes to get their images.

What are the latest technologies the super-rich use to keep their homes secure?

There are lots of options on the table for A-listers and celebrities when it comes to keeping their homes as safe and secure as possible. CCTV cameras are essential these days, and many wealthy people will also pay for private security guards to protect their properties. Fingerprint readers often come in handy when individuals and families want to ensure unwanted guests can’t gain access to their houses. Also, the latest innovations in algorithmic AI technology are gaining popularity at the current time. Those devices use artificial intelligence to sniff out potential threats and alert the homeowner without blindly sending notifications or information.

Which super-rich people have experienced home break-ins in recent times?

  • The supermodel Kate Moss lost valuable artwork during a burglary in 2010 which could have been avoided if she’d invested in improved home security measures.
  • The celebrity Paris Hilton reportedly lost more than £1.5 million of jewellery during a burglary in the same year.
  • The reality star Kourtney Kardashian lost nearly £90,000 worth of jewellery during a home break-in in 2009.
  • Footballer John Terry the thieves took a trophy, more than £220,000 of gems, cash and signed Harry Potter first edition books worth £18,000 in 2017.
  • Singer Rita Ora was at home when a thief broke in an stole £200,000 worth of goods in 2015.
  • Simon Cowell was targeted the same year by a serial burglar who stole jewellery worth almost £1m from his west London home.
  • Jack Willis (the youngest son of Cilla Black) encountered masked raiders in his home who stole gems worth an estimated £1 million in 2003.

Now you know a little more about the threats faced by the super-rich and the precautions they have to take to keep their homes secure, are you still 100% certain about those celebrity ambitions? There is no getting away from the fact that people who spend their lives in the limelight become attractive to criminals and burglars who want to achieve the best haul possible from their efforts. However, A-listers are now fighting back with the use of new technologies and some of the security measures mentioned in this post. As statistics prove that police in the UK only make about 14 arrests per 100 burglaries, it’s no wonder the rich and famous choose to spend a small fortune to keep their homes safe.

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