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Pyronix Cloud APP

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Brook Security

by Lisa George

Pyronix Cloud APP – Total Security Solution

The Pyronix Cloud APP – Protecting the perimeter of your home, linking cctv cameras and sensors via the Pyronix APP.

Alerting when an activation occurs.  This can connect through an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) giving 24/7 professional monitoring.

With the facility to notify who is at the door, keeping guard whilst you are away either at work or on holiday.

Protecting valuables and livelihood.  Giving you the peace of mind whatever you are doing.

Protecting and alerting of any potential intruders/danger and verifying of any threats, keeping watch over your vehicles.

With the added feature of two-way audio protecting loved ones day and night with medical alerts.

Wireless systems that are personally designed around individual requirements and needs.  Protecting the areas that are most in need of securing whilst you are away from the premises.

Why not include security to a shed or outbuilding?   Part setting of the system is an added feature that allows you to disarm the house whilst keeping the garage and shed still alarmed and secured.

It is simple.  Once the system is installed, all that is required is a mobile phone/tablet (IOS or Android) along with a secure internet connection.  Dial in to your unique IP address and view your premises securely.


Call Brook Security today for a free no obligation quotation working towards protecting your property and valuables.  Or complete the form on the contact us page and a member of team will contact you.

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