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Brook Security

by Lisa George

If a heritage building or stately home has survived years (potentially centuries) of turmoil, it’s easy to assume that it can handle life in the modern world. After all, what’s the threat of thieves to a building that has withstood rebellions, warfare, good times, and bad?

Of course, the above is a natural assumption, but it’s not quite a correct assumption. While heritage and stately home buildings have survived thus far, it’s vital to ensure that they survive for future generations to enjoy too.

The damages that thieves cause

When considering the potential of burglaries to heritage properties, it’s all too easy to focus on the loss of items that cannot be replaced. The loss of heirlooms, manuscripts, and artwork is incredibly difficult to contemplate, and this concern tends to demand most of the attention when considering the possibility of burglary.

In reality, it’s not just the potential for items to be stolen that should cause concern for those managing the security of stately homes and heritage buildings. Thieves, and especially teams of thieves, make a huge amount of mess. They will tear the interior of a building apart in search of profit, and the fact they tend to be working at pace means they will not be careful about the process either. Drawers will be yanked, doors slammed, carpets trampled, artwork knocked from walls. Ultimately, the damage sustained from this kind of onslaught is often more expensive to rectify than covering the cost of any items that are actually stolen.

The importance of deterrence

As a result of the potential for serious damage due to thieves, stately homes and heritage buildings need to focus their security requirements on deterrent. If a building is well protected by a layered security system, then the chances are that thieves will simply look for an easier target. Thieves don’t want to make their “job” harder than they have to, so if they see CCTV cameras, motion-sensor lights, and electronic scanners, they will dismiss a building as being a viable candidate. That’s extremely good news for those who care about the preservation of that building for the future.

The complete security system

Stately homes and heritage buildings tend to have a lot of rooms, space, and even grounds to cover. Modern security technology can help ensure that every area is well-monitored at all times, in a way that just isn’t possible to achieve with human surveillance. A complete security system will act as a deterrent, as well as potentially identifying suspicious behaviour (such as burglars “scouting out” a building during the planning stages of a heist) or providing footage to the police to help secure a conviction in the event of a burglary.

Our valuable experience in this area

Our clients include Leeds Castle in Maidstone, we have the experience, nous, and technical capabilities to help secure any stately home or heritage building for the future. We can put together layered, intelligent security systems that provide complete coverage for even the most complicated of buildings, preserving their value to the community for many centuries more.

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