How to keep your vehicle forecourt safe and secure

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by Lucy Hall

If you have worked in or owned a vehicle forecourt for a long time, then you know there is a serious risk of theft or vandalism. You may have experienced some first-hand. Protecting your vehicles is of the utmost importance. Your business depends on it. So, how do you ensure that potential criminals don’t end up costing you? Here are some of the ways to ensure optimal security standards and secure your premises.

Access control

You can have complete control over who does and does not have access to all parts of the showroom and forecourt. Access control systems can be added to gates and doors of all kinds, using electronic locks to restrict who can open them.

You can designate different forms of authorisation, too. You can use keypads with specific codes, cards that identify specific employees, and even biometric technology that ensure that the person accessing the door is who they say they are. Beyond keeping strangers and potential criminals out, you can use these systems who identify who had access to what part of the premises at which time.


Closed-circuit television, also known as CCTV, has become one of the most vital and popular security measures in showrooms and forecourts for a number of reasons. First of all, they record and provide proof of any break-ins or wrongdoing, often helping the authorities identify the culprits. Besides capturing crimes that have already been committed, however, they can stop crimes from happening. Many crooks are only interested in damaging or stealing cars that are “easy targets” from places that are light on security. A CCTV system is highly visible, meaning that it can act as a deterrent and scare some potential criminals away.

What’s more, there are sophisticated CCTV devices with facial recognition software. These can make it much easier to identify anyone lurking around a little too much and to catch the culprit if a crime has been committed.

CCTV Security Systems

Remote monitoring

You don’t necessarily have to be on site to know that your premises are protected, either. Many CCTV and security systems come with remote monitoring functions. These allow you to access them using an internet connection or a smart device. You can log into the system wherever you are using a secure username and password system. This way, you can check in on your forecourt whenever you like.


Many security systems also have remote signalling built in. You can be alerted if an alarm is triggered, allowing you to get on the remote monitoring feed to see if there’s something to worry about. While CCTV records and acts as a deterrent, adding remote monitoring to the equation means you can act on threats to your business as soon as possible.

Motion sensors

There’s a whole range of sophisticated security alarm tech to help better protect your business, as well. One of the most effective is motion sensors. Motion sensors will activate alarms, send remote signals to you, and can even generate a police response as soon as someone has unauthorised access to the premises.

These devices are visible enough to act as a deterrent, much like CCTV, but small enough that they don’t get in the way of your business. They can be integrated with many of the other security features mentioned, all accessible from a smart device. So, a motion sensor can send a remote response that allows you to quickly see an intruder using your CCTV cameras connected to the same system, for instance. A remote video response service will enable a live audio challenge to persons on site out of business hours. 

Car trackers

The assets you want to protect most are, of course, the cars in your forecourt and showroom. Besides using access control and a range of safety features to deter criminals and alert you, you can ensure you never lose track of where your vehicles are. If a vehicle is stolen, a GPS tracker hidden somewhere within it can keep you constantly informed of where it is and where it is going.


These GPS trackers are designed to be small and inconspicuous so that even more savvy criminals will have difficulty finding them. These can be a particularly good choice in the vehicles you display closest to the exits to draw in customers, which are often some of your most valuable and attractive vehicles, too.


Start protecting your vehicle forecourt today

There are numerous measures you can employ to ensure the security of your forecourt and showroom. If you want to learn more or to start protecting your business, get in touch with Brook Security at 0800 281249. We can start finding the right solutions for you today.