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Brook Security

by Lisa George

If your business is one of the many that works with temporary and permanent construction sites, those areas will form a central part of what you do. Therefore, they deserve a huge amount of attention. One aspect that you cannot afford to overlook is the security. Here’s all you need to know about keeping those crucial areas safe and secure at all times.

Why Does Your Construction Site Need Security?

The average construction site is home to many valuable assets and machinery. Even if the site is blessed with a temporary building, some of those resources and materials are going to be left exposed. Meanwhile, trespassers could easily break into those offices and huts.

As such, construction sites are a hotbed for thieves, vandals, and intruders. First and foremost, they could cause major problems if items go missing, including wires and cables. Secondly, if unnoticed, the damage could potentially put your workers at risk or children may get injured whilst playing on site.

How To Keep Your Site Protected

There are several stages of keeping your construction sites protected. While your primary concerns will be with overnight moments when they may be left unattended, this needs to become a 24/7 challenge.

The habits of your business and its employees can make a telling impact. Simple ideas like locking the site up in the right fashion and arranging deliveries to arrive when someone is available can make a big impact. Frankly, learning to help yourself will provide solid foundations while also boosting your peace of mind.

Installing fencing and gates can be a great starting point as it cuts your site off from the world. This will physically stop a lot of intruders, especially if you utilise access control features. Depending on the location, you may wish to use barbed wire above fencing to create an extra safety barrier.

More importantly, the construction site should be supported by CCTV cameras and advanced alarm systems. Monitored alarm systems and HD cameras, like the one we install, go a long way to securing the site. Good lighting is another positive feature that can make it seem as though the site is in use overnight. Even if it doesn’t deter intruders, it will at least create a clearer image for your cameras and for anyone who is monitoring them.  Plus good lighting makes everything more visible for security and health and safety.

Whether you like it or not, the biggest dangers come from within. Hiring the right employees is, therefore, one of the most crucial steps of all. Likewise, using a security installation firm that screens all staff and guarantees results are vital for the cause. Knowing that your security features satisfy the terms of insurance firms offers an extra source of reassurance.

The Final Word

Construction sites are a hub of activity and need to be kept in great health to keep the business moving in the right direction. While you cannot stop the fact that some people will try to target these areas, putting those precautions in place will keep you on the right track. With those worries removed, you can concentrate solely on driving the venture forward.

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