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by Lisa George

Businesses are always going to be vulnerable to security threats. Whatever kind of business, if you store something of value on-site — be it retail goods, cash, or expensive manufacturing materials — then there is always going to be a malcontent who is keen to claim your hard-earned items for themselves. As a business owner, protecting the security of your premises and all items contained therein is of paramount importance.

When it comes to ascertaining exactly what your business premises require, you have to assess your business through the eyes of someone who may wish to profit from thievery. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself that can help you view your premises through new eyes, and there’s also a few security ideas that can help you to put measures in place to protect your business against criminal activity.

How secure is the perimeter?

The more secure the exterior of your premises is, the less someone is going to want to try your security systems. You want to make life as difficult as possible for an intruder, and there’s a huge amount of modern technology available that can help you achieve just that. Electric gates are a huge benefit, ensuring access to your site is only provided to those you wish to invite, and natural barriers such as trees and bushes also have a place in your security strategy.

Is it obvious what might be inside?

When assessing whether a business is worth stealing from, a thief has to consider what their potential bounty is– and often at a moment’s glance. This is why it’s wise to use measures such as frosted glass window panes and security doors, meaning that — from the outside at least — it is not immediately obvious what may be available to be stolen. The more secretive your business looks from the side of the road, the higher the chance a burglar will pass on by in favour of premises that they can immediately identify as being potentially lucrative.

How often are your premises vacant?

Most businesses tend to close for the night, and it’s at this point that your premises are at their most vulnerable. With no one active in the premises, a burglar will feel they have time to assess the potential reward and then act upon their plans. To combat this, you don’t have to ensure that there is always someone on your property at all times– you can outsource this job to technology. CCTV cameras can be your eyes when you’re not at the site, while PIR motion sensors act as fantastic deterrents. Even simple measures, such as setting internal lights to a timer to give the impression of occupation, can contribute to an effective security strategy.

In conclusion

We at Brook Security pride ourselves on our ability to help solve any concerns that business owners have regarding the safety of our business premises. Whether you need help identifying spots of potential weakness or just want to install a foolproof security system, we’d be delighted to assist you in protecting your business premises.

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