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by Lisa George

In this article, we look at how to Improve security in high net worth residences

Home security is important for everyone, but there’s no doubt there is an extra degree of jeopardy for high net worth residences. If your home is full of valuable items and is valuable in and of itself, then security is going to be one of your foremost concerns.

For the most part, standard security systems are not necessarily going to offer sufficient protection for high net worth homes. You’re going to want to expand into the market a little deeper, investing more simply because you have more to protect.

The key to high net worth home security: layering

For most homeowners, home security doesn’t have to involve a huge amount of thought. A camera and alarm system is usually sufficient and will provide the coverage they require.

However, for high net worth homes, you are going to want to add multiple layers of security. This provides a failsafe and ensures that even if one line of security is breached, there is always a backup (and a backup to the backup if necessary) that can ensure continued protection. Below are a few home security ideas you should be prepared to layer when considering options for high-value homes:

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a necessity when it comes to home security. You will want a range of cameras positioned strategically outside your home, which serves as both a deterrent and a method of identifying any breaches when viewing a live feed. Modern CCTV systems can alert you to unidentified presences on your property via a smartphone app, and even allow you to view the feed when you’re away from home.

High-security window and door locks

Standard window and door locks are unlikely to be sufficient for high net worth value homes. Invest in the latest technology and set reminders to make sure you use them. Windows are particularly vulnerable to intruders, so effective locks are an absolute essential when it comes to protecting your home.

Intruder alarm systems

Finally, an essential part of your layers of security is an intruder alarm system. Acting as both a deterrent and a means of personal protection, intruder alarms are the final piece of the home security puzzle for high-value homes.

To conclude

The more you have to protect, the more layers of security your home requires. Speak to the team at Brook Security to help integrate all of your layers of security with one another, helping to ensure the maximum protection for your beloved home.

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