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by Lisa George

If you don’t have the right security in place, your property is five times more likely to be burgled, according to recent reports. Landlords should be particularly worried about this because as a landlord you have a responsibility to keep your tenants and indeed their possessions safe. You also need to make sure that you are protecting your investment because a burglary could lead to significant expenses. That’s why you need to think about how to make sure that any property you let out is secure.

The obvious answer here would be to increase security measures. But what measures are we talking about and how will this have an impact on your property?

Install CCTV

The first step would be to make sure that your property has CCTV cameras in and around the property. For instance, if you are the landlord of a tower block, you should have CCTV cameras on each of the entrance floors, one in the hallway, in the lift, and in the fire escape. Cameras should also be present around the exterior of your building. Why should you do this? Firstly, it does act as a deterrent. Criminals who see a building has CCTV cameras in clear view will think twice about breaking in. But there’s another reason for this.

CCTV will also ensure that people in your building aren’t vandalizing the property, fly tipping or causing damage to your investment. And, if they are, with CCTV you can at least make sure that you have evidence that this is happening and see who is the offender.

With CCTV equipment you can also monitor your property remotely. As such, you’ll be able to check on it even when you’re far away from the building and get the peace of mind you need that the property is secure.

Get A High-Quality Alarm System

You need to make sure that there is an alarm system in place to alert you and the authorities of a potential break-in. Again, if the alarm goes off when they break through the door, it might spook them enough to not continue with the robbery. It also gives you a good chance of catching them in the act, rather than hoping the police will track them down later. A push notification to a smart device will tell you to tell you what room has been triggered and where.

Invest In Gated Security

Finally, you might want to think about setting up a gated security system around your property. This restricts access and ensures that only you and your tenants, or approved personnel can get inside, not just the building but the surrounding area. This is particularly important if you have a parking lot for tenants because that will always be a target for burglars and vandals.

Don’t Settle For Less, Get The Best

Are you thinking about upgrading the security of your property? As a landlord, you want the best for both you and your tenants. Here at Brook Security, that’s exactly what we provide. We have the security systems you need to ensure you won’t have to worry about your property being targeted as an ‘easy touch’.

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