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by Lisa George

There are two types of burglar: the professional who will stake out a property and wait for the right moment and the novice who will take a chance spontaneously, grab and go. While neither is ever going to be a model citizen, there are a few things you can do to help them resist the temptation and leave your home well alone.

They’ve Been Before

Burglars love a second chance and many properties that are burgled, are burgled multiple times. The thing is that if your burglar knows the way in and nothing has changed, then why wouldn’t he (or she) go for the same route again? It was easy before, it’ll be easy again.

The best way to break this cycle is to add obviously heightened security measures. Check and fix all the weak points like gaps in the fence or an easily forced window and update your home security systems like your burglar alarm. Making the changes obvious should put your burglar off their repeat visit and make your home safer too.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, regardless of whether it has been broken into before, make sure you prioritize your security above everything else and don’t leave it too late.

Empty Properties

Intruders like an empty property and they may even stake out a house for a few days to figure out what the occupant’s pattern is and when they are most likely to be out. Burglars have also been known to leave signs or marks on houses or gates to remind them to come back later. This might be something as innocuous as a piece of string or a more obvious graffiti marking.

If you are planning to leave your property empty and you are worried about a burglar striking in that time, installing a burglar alarm is a good idea. You can also add CCTV to the front of your house – just be careful about where it is pointed to stay within the law yourself.

A Strong Temptation

Though many burglars are careful in their planning, some are more spontaneous and may be tempted by something they can see through the window. Leaving blinds or lights on in the day will make it easy for burglars to spot your valuables and may be too tempting to resist a quick theft. Things like iPads, games consoles and other valuables like jewellery are all very tempting and if left by a door or easily forced window may be lifted quickly.

A tidy house is usually the best way to prevent this type of window shopping. Make sure that you put things away and keep valuables out of sight and reach of windows and doors. If you have expensive jewellery, it might be worth keeping it in a locked box out of sight as a further protection or better still an Insurance Rated Safe bolted into position.

Home security isn’t just about setting off an alarm but about pre warning potential burglars that this house is not for them. Make your security measures obvious and hopefully they will carry on their way.

For more tips and advice for keeping safe and secure at home and whilst your away, see our library of articles and blogs aimed at helping you to protect your possessions and loved ones. Or to take action now, call us for a free security appraisal.

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