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by Lisa George

There is a broad range of ways you can use access control systems to protect your property, whether you are a commercial enterprise, small private business or homeowner. You can set up gate security to protect your driveways, use proximity readers to allow access to the building or home, and even make use of access control systems that use the very latest in fingerprint technology. Today, we’re going to take a look at the many different benefits that businesses, organisations, and homeowners can look forward to when using access control systems.

Ultimate control

The most obvious benefit of using access control systems is that you can keep track on who is coming and going from your building or home – and when they come and go, too. It makes it easier for businesses to learn who might be stealing from your company, or worried parents who need to know their teenage kids have arrived home after a night out. It logs every entry, with unique identification, and your reports will tell you precisely who has been where.

Increased safety

People without codes will struggle to enter any business, organisation or home with access control systems – it’s that simple. And that makes your home or premises a lot safer for your family or employees. People can come and go as they please, without worrying about their personal security, safe in the knowledge they are the only people with access.

Reduce accidents, theft, and impact of theft

For businesses, it’s often important to have specially designated areas where there is restricted access for employees. It could be to protect expensive machinery or systems. It might be to protect workers from hazardous chemicals. And it may even be to protect sensitive customer data.

Save energy and lower utility bills

These days, you can even get access control systems that link with other building systems, such as your heating and cooling, and lighting. It means you can save money when your last employee or family member leaves the building, as your control system can pick up whether or not there is anyone inside, and then sends a signal to turn everything off behind them. And, when the first person enters the home, it can do the reverse, too!

As you can see, there are many benefits to using access control systems, whether you are a business or a household. Why not check out our range and give us a call to discuss your options?


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